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Integrator Drone Services is built on a twenty year pedigree in the housing industry. And much of that experience comes from working with housing authorities and organisations – both social and private. We understand your needs and unique requirements. Our drone technology results can be combined with our sister-software, Integrator+, a new cloud-based asset management software solution that offers next-generation control and administration of housing data. Read on to find out more, or get in touch to discuss how Integrator Drone Services can take your asset management to the next level. 

Introducing Integrator Housing Solutions

Integrator Housing Solutions has been developing asset management software solutions for private and social housing associations for almost 20 years. Our software has been adopted by 40 major housing associations and local authorities who together manage half a million units. We have worked with these clients to create a platform which they love and trust; using our software to provide performance indicators, maintenance cost profiles and management reports at different levels of operational detail. 

IHS incorporates a number of modules, including Notus Pocket Surveyor, Asbestos Manager, Net Present Value and Servicing and Compliance. Together, it provides the ability to program capital and revenue expenditure for up to 30 years, and incorporates a smoothing tool to even out peaks and troughs; enabling you to balance budget and expenditure, regardless of the size of your housing stock.

Introducing Integrator Plus

Integrator Plus is an evolution of this much-loved platform and is the natural step to continue this success and push asset management software into the future. Launching this year, Integrator Plus is a next generation, cloud-based asset management software solution. It has been designed specifically for its ability to offer streamlined, time-saving, bespoke access to data for busy asset managers with a growing portfolio of properties. But its tailored nature means that it can be configured for your needs; whether you manage a handful or a whole county-full of properties, whether private or social housing.



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Whether you use our asset management software, or not, we believe that integrating drone images, maps and surveys allows you to manage and maintain small, medium and large property portfolios efficiently and effectively. Saving you and your organisation or association, time and money.

Drone technology can be used to gather surveys and data on a number of properties at once, a block of properties or a piece of viable land. Giving your surveyors or asset managers access to roof surveys, thermal imaging surveys, 3D mapping tools and solar panel inspections.

Ensuring that the data you manage is as up to date and relevant as possible and allowing you to do your job in the most efficient of ways. 

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