Who are Integrator Drone Services licensed by?

Our drone pilots have all undergone CAA Approved training and accreditations to be able to legally and safely fly our drones. They are approved as commercial drone pilots by the Civil Aviation Authority and you are welcome to ask for proof of certification ahead of any work. 

What permissions do I need to have a drone survey?

We will need written permission from the land or property owner in order to conduct any aerial drone survey. Our pre-flight checks will determine whether wider permission is needed – for example from the Police or the local Council. And our initial investigations will reveal whether the terrain is suitable, there are acceptable launch areas and any restrictions or hazards. Take a look at our guide to what happens before a commercial drone flight for more information.

What information will you need in order to quote?

Initially we will need the address or co-ordinates of the area you would like to be surveyed, filmed or photographed. It would also be useful for us to know the timescale you are working to and the format in which you would like to receive your results. 

Why does it take time for you to produce a quote?

In order for us to be able to quote for your drone survey or videography, we need to perform a Pre-Flight Check to determine firstly, whether we can fly our drones where you have asked us, and secondly, to determine any other potential problems or obstacles. It is only after doing this that we know how long it will take us to complete your survey and produce the results you are looking for. This forms the basis of our quote. We will try and produce this as quickly as possible, but in some instances we may need to perform further investigations.

Who are Integrator Drone Services?

Integrator Drone Services is a British company owned by Vic Harrison and his son Paul Harrison. They are both accredited and licensed drone pilots and thermographers. They work with a small team of drone pilots who cover the UK. 

How close can you fly a drone to my property?

We can fly as close as is sensible and safe to do so. Our drones are fitted with obstacle avoidance technology which adds an extra layer of security and assurance for you and your property. However if there is a specific problem you would like us to survey then we are able to get within inches of the area to gather as clear and detailed information as possible. Any request of this nature will be fully safety assessed ahead.

What if there are people around?

Our pre-flight surveys assess nearby local public spaces and include checks and estimations for how busy the area will be at the time we are due to fly.

Can you fly at any time?

Technically, yes, but we prefer daylight! It’s best to choose our flight time according to sunlight hours and the best weather conditions for that day.

Thermal imaging requires a temperature difference so we prefer to do these in cooler conditions during autumn and winter. 

If you do need us to fly a drone at a specific time, or during unsociable hours then we are happy to consider this as long as we take all safety precautions into consideration.

How does weather affect your services?

Although our drones are robust and pretty weatherproof, there are certain times when we consider it unsafe to fly. These are usually high speed winds, heavy rain or snow. On these occasions we will offer alternative flight dates. We monitor the weather ahead of any flight and will inform you if we feel things are going to be unsafe or we think we will be unable to deliver your material accurately due to weather. 

How long can your drones fly for?

This is a little bit dependent on exactly which drone we are using and how much information we are gathering. As a ball park figure, each drone carries one battery with around half an hour’s flight time. However we bring spare batteries with us and, if we are close to a plug for recharging, we can fly all day!

Do I need extra insurance?

No. We are fully insured to carry out commercial drone flights above your property or business. As long as we have the necessary permissions, then we are covered. 

Is there any specific software or hardware I need in order to be able to view the footage?

No. Our footage can be viewed on most PCs, MACs, laptops and tablets with the capability to run MP4 files or JPEGs. Check to make sure you have either VLC player, Windows Media Player, Quick Time or other common video playing software. 

Who will own the copyright to the footage and can I edit it at all?

Copyright is automatically owned by Integrator Drone Services. If you would like to own the copyright to your material, please inform us at the start and we will include this within your quote. It may incur extra chargesOnce you have received the footage it is yours to do with as you please. However the files will be relatively large and you will need access to editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro if you do want to edit it at all. 

How will I receive the results of my drone survey or photography?

We will discuss this with you at the quotation stage. Many of our clients choose to receive an online report, but we can also input the details into an online system which you can log into. We are happy to provide bespoke editing for your video footage and this can be discussed ahead of any work being carried out. We also work alongside a local video production company who are capable of taking on video editing work for you if you would like this service.

Can I hire your drones separately?

No sorry, our drones aren’t available for hire.

Can people watch?

Yes, your employees or friends and family are welcome to watch. However we would ask for notice of this ahead of our flight and we would like to conduct a short safety briefing on the day to ensure everyone is aware of our risk assessment.

There's an airport near me, can you still fly your drone?

This is highly dependent on the size and level of airfield. We will ensure all regulations are followed and all enquiries are made ahead of time and keep you informed. 

We’d love to talk to you and answer any more questions you have!

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