Drone Thermal Surveying

Integrator Drone Services prides itself on its combined experience; and our ability to offer thermal imaging and drone flight technology together. With our extensive background in the energy assessment industry, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to insulation deficiencies, damp and water ingress, air leakage and electrical defects. And we can work with you to ensure your repair and maintenance schedule is as efficient and up to date as possible.

How does thermography work? 

Thermography, or thermal surveying, measures the infrared wavelengths emitted from your walls, roof or equipment and turns this temperature information into a colourful image. Hot or warm spots are displayed as reds and oranges, and cold spots as blues. It’s these photographs which can be used to determine whether there are problems, potential failures or damage within a building.

Thermal imaging technology has created a more efficient and safer method of measurement for spotting problems early and quickly.

Our cameras

Integrator Drone Services has the capabilities to load a thermal camera onto a drone in order to inspect roofs and high walls. And we are qualified and experience in the use of handheld cameras for closer inspection in more easy to access ground locations and tight spots inside.


We combine our DJI Matrice 210 drone with the onboard FLIR DJI Zenmuse XT2 camera. This has a thermal sensitivity capability of <50 MK; able to produce accurate, informative and revealing imagery to guide your repair and maintenance schedule.


Paul Harrison with handheld thermal imaging camera


Our handheld FLIR E75 camera combines state of the art thermal imaging with the latest communication features. Its superior sensitivity and true 42 degree field of view can detect even subtle indications of moisture intrusion. It can diagnose problems and find hidden deficiencies, even from a distance. Although its small, neat design enables it to be used in cramped and narrow spaces. 

The 320 x 240 true native resolution offers more than 76,000 points of temperature measurement and produces crisp, vibrant imagery, while interchangeable lenses offer complete coverage of near and distant targets.

How can thermal imaging help your business?

Insulation – thermal imaging can alert you to insufficient or damaged insulation, or in fact a complete lack of insulation. Our cameras can see what the eye can’t; meaning you can replace or fit insulation in just those areas you need to. Saving you time and money.

Damp – moisture detection is often impossible to see with the naked eye until it becomes a very big and, often, very expensive problem. Thermal imaging can allow companies to repair patches of a roof, rather than replacing the entire area – which would prove incredibly costly.

Electrical Thermography – detect and eliminate defects before they develop into failures. We have found that the majority of failures and electrical fires which occur in practice are those that lay dormant and develop slowly over time.

Air leaks – it’s often much easier to see whether a building or roof is water tight than air tight. Even if it’s not letting water in, small amounts of air could be getting in; affecting the building’s energy rating and quickly increasing electricity or heating bills.

Our experience

Our Managing Director, Paul Harrison, is one of the most experienced energy assessors in the UK.

On top of being a licensed Drone Pilot and Thermographer, he has also worked as a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor for almost 20 years and still carries out dozens of commercial and domestic Energy Assessments across the UK each year.

Paul has also worked for the government accredited scheme, ECMK, as head auditor, overseeing the work of hundreds of UK energy assessors. And provided support in conducting witnessed assessments for the government’s Green Deal initiative under the UKAS accreditation scheme. 

Vic Harrison of Integrator Drone Services has twenty years experience in the housing industry and is the Joint Founder of Integrator Housing Solutions – an asset management software solution for private and social housing authorities.

Together there isn’t anything they don’t know about keeping houses and buildings warm and energy efficient.

house viewed through a thermal camera

Incorporating our services

The bulk of our work is spent ahead of your actual drone flight, due to the number of safety checks which we have to carry out in order to legally fly. Our pre-flight investigations and risk assessements take time. Therefore once we have our drone in the air, it makes sense for us to complete as much work as possible for you. Why not combine a Thermal Imaging Survey with a Roof Survey or Solar Panel Drone Survey? We are happy to provide any bespoke package for you.

We’d love to talk to you and offer a pre-site survey and quotation!

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