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Integrator Drone Services offer a variety of survey solutions to meet your business requirements.

Thermal Surveying

Handheld thermal imaging device

Combining our drone flying skills with thermal camera technology enables you to not only access remote or hard to reach locations, but to also visualise hidden deficiences and repairs which would otherwise go undiscovered. Potentially resulting in a much more costly and stressful situation for your business, land or housing authority further down the line.

We have invested in both hand-held thermal cameras and drone thermal cameras. Giving you a full and complete service from the ground.

Thermal cameras can be used to identify damage and problems with solar panels, insulation, damp, air leakage and electrical defects.  Allowing you to quickly and efficiently deal with much-needed repairs.



Roof Inspection

Using a drone to inspect the roof of a house, block of flats, business, or warehouse offers the safest and most efficient route for any property owner, surveyor or landlord. Potential savings can run into the thousands thanks to not having to erect scaffolding around an entire building, guessing where potential problems might exist. Our drones can spot missing or damaged roof tiles, cracked chimney pots, problems with guttering, storm damage, heat loss, and water ingress

We can work alongside property owners and managers, or their surveyors to provide the data you require in an easy to understand and easy to interpret format. We are happy to do so on a bespoke basis and will ensure we gather all of your requirements ahead of our drone flight to make sure our survey is as efficient and effective as possible. 



DJI Drone carrying out a roof inspection

Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial photograph of housing and sports fields from a drone

Aerial drone photography can give you a fascinating and fresh perspective on a building, landscape, or event. Whether you’re looking for a stunning photo of your wedding guests, a beautiful image of your home or business headquarters, or footage of your entire farm, or office block; aerial photography offers a new aspect that’s often revealing and incredibly captivating. 

Our drone cameras produce sharp, vivid photography at high resolutions which allow you to zoom in and take a closer look from an angle you’ve never seen before. As well as giving a wide angle view of an entire scene, building, location or group of people. 

The 1 inch, 20 megapixel camera on our DJI drone offers excellent quality and zoom potential, its high ISO of 12800 allows low light photography, and the mechanical shutter combined with large aparture prime lens reduces distortion when flying fast or shooting moving objects. 

3D Mapping

3D mapping is one of the newest and most exciting ways in which drone technology can be used. Seeing your business, house or farm in 3D is incredibly impressive and can offer a very appealing marketing tool for your website or company. 

But it also offers efficient results when it comes to surveying and property maintenance. A 3D map can be used to equate the exact measurements of a property’s walls, roofs, windows, chimneys etc. Allowing surveyors or property managers to log this data and use it time and time again when conducting repair work. Saving time and money.



Drone 3D Imaging of residential housing

Solar Panel Inspection

Drone Solar Panel inspection

More and more homes, businesses and farms are employing solar power as we all look to invest in renewable energies. But spending money on solar panels is only the first step. Their maintenance and repair schedule is something to take into consideration, and drone technology can be used to make this process as simple and efficient as possible.

Drone photography of solar panels can be used to map and locate faulty, damaged and inefficient cells and panels. And are of particular use to solar farms where large areas can be surveyed much more quickly using a drone. 

Solar farms and solar panels can be kept at peak efficiency through the use of drone technology to assess and then maintain cells and panels at regular intervals. 

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