DJI Matrice Carrying out a roof inspection

Drone Roof Surveys

Drone photography is the safest and most cost effective way to inspect the condition of a property’s roof. Pin-pointing specific areas in need of repair with astonishing accuracy and in an exceptionally clear and detailed format. 

Whether you are responsible for a large scale commercial property, factory or warehouse, housing authority stock, a historic house or your own home; Integrator Drone Services has the drone technology to offer you this bird’s eye view. Giving you the right data you need to better inform your maintenance and repair schedules.

Can’t I just climb a ladder?

It is no longer considered appropriate to erect scaffolding and cherry pickers to enable somebody to clamber onto a roof in order to locate missing tiles or cracked chimney pots. Not only is it expensive and time-consuming, it’s potentially very dangerous. And not only that, but anyone walking on a roof could end up exacerbating problems, like knocking loose tiles. Even if you do manage to get someone safely onto your roof, being able to see hard to reach areas is often very difficult and physically challenging.

What can a drone roof inspection do?

Using a drone to undertake roof inspections gives incredibly clear, and detailed feedback as to the condition of a roof. Our drones can get as close as required to achieve the perfect view and reveal any suspected damage. 

Our 4K cameras allow for superb image quality with excellent zoom capabilities, whilst their inbuilt obstacle avoidance ensures we don’t damage anything else. We can carry out roof inspections on a wide variety of buildings, including residential houses, commercial properties, factories, churches and historic buildings.

How can I use this data?

Integrator Drone Services is the brainchild of Vic Harrison, the owner of Integrator Housing Solutions – an asset management software solution for both private and social housing authorities and organisations. If you are a client of IHS, or would be interested in becoming so, we can demonstrate how the data gathered from your drone flight can be combined with your existing housing stock data to give an incredibly thorough and powerful overview to enable you to maintain and manage a large housing portfolio. 

Drone Roof inspection residential
Drone roof inspection showing missing tile

What will the data look like?

We can provide your data in photograph or video format for you to assess from the comfort of your own desk. Our images are mapped to GPS coordinates ensuring the absolute accuracy of the data.

But if you have specific concerns, you can even join us during the drone flight. Our Phantom 4 Drone wirelessly connects to a pair of Goggles which you can wear and then direct us to any areas of the roof which you are particularly worried about.

What might your roof inspection be able to show?

A drone roof inspection can alert you to damaged, disintegrating or missing roof tiles or slates, cracked chimney pots, problems with guttering, storm damage, heat loss, and water ingress. 

Often saving you time and money by allowing you to maintain and keep an eye on problems rather than having to shell out for an entire roof replacement further down the line.

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