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Drone Videography and Photography 

More and more of the films, tv programmes and You Tube videos we are watching are incorporating drone videography and photography into their creative visuals. We’re even seeing it on social media. A bird’s eye view can add a whole other dimension to your film; giving your audience a never-before-seen angle and an incredibly revealing and dramatic feeling to your project. Whether that be a corporate or promotional video for your website, property sales specs, or your personal wedding video.  

How can I incorporate a drone into my filming project? 

Although drone images can make a stunning and very awe inspiring addition to most filming projects, it’s important to consider how, when and where they would fit – before launching a drone. That is why we work with a BBC and ITV trained broadcast journalist with years of experience in television production and script writing to advise you. Her background in journalism means she understands the basis of good story telling.

This ensures you don’t waste money on needless imagery, but instead use your money wisely to focus on drone videography where it will really add impact and drama.

Integrator Drone Services is happy to work with you throughout your video project to ensure you get the best out of us and the best result for your film. In fact, the earlier you can get us involved, the better. But if you do find you’ve got to the end of your editing and you suddenly want to add drone videography, don’t worry. Our skills and expertise can help you to best place drone videography within an existing video adding the right amount of wow-factor and excitement.     

Tetbury Goods Shed case study 

Integrator Drone Services was tasked with filming this beautiful Victorian railway building and the surrounding town for a Hertiage Lottery funded project. The resulting video reveals the Goods Shed in all its glory as well as helping the audience to understand where it sits within the town and understand where the railway line once lay. Drone videography here helped to add a real wow moment for the Trustees of the Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust and the interviewees whose moments were collated through the Heritage Lottery project.  Read about our experience and watch a short demonstration video here.

How will you ensure the safety of my staff or crew?

Our drone pilots are fully licensed, accredited and trained to the highest standards. We can work with, or without your crew, to give you the most time and cost effective methods of working.

Anyone who does join us during flight will be fully briefed and taken care of. There are, of course, risks with drone filming; as there are with all forms of aerial flight. But we mitigate these risks as much as possible with full pre-flight surveys, weather and wind assessments. If it isn’t safe to fly, we won’t. And this won’t impact on you, or your budget. As an alternative day will be sought with the least amount of fuss.

Should you want to include people within your drone videography, or should members of staff wish to be involved during the day; then again they will receive fully briefing ahead of, and on, the day to ensure their safety and awareness.

We’d love to talk to you and offer a free pre-site survey and quotation!

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