Photogrammetry and 3D Mapping

A 3D map of any building gives an extensive insight into its infrastructure and framework. The financial investment of a 3D map is offset by the cost and health and safety savings involved in not having to regularly send out people to scaffold a building.   

For our clients we believe that it offers the perfect, time-efficient solution to managing structural measurements, defects, improvement and upgrade plans. Allowing one, or a team of people, to administer and maintain this process from the comfort of their desk. In fact, you can complet an entire quantative survey from our data without even having to visit your site. 

We make the process incredibly simple. From the initial pre-flight survey through to delivery of the final interactive 3D map. 

Why should we choose IDS for our 3D mapping?

Our remote controlled DJI Phantom Drone sends control signal and receives video signal simultaneously. Giving us an up-to-date image of what we’re seeing and photographing, maintaining clear transmission at all times. It has an incredible transmission range of 7km and constantly assesses its surrounding environmental conditions in order to choose the best band width in which to operate; thereby reducing signal interference. Each battery holds a 30 minute flight time. Therefore with multiple batteries we can collate everything we need in the shortest possible time, putting the least amount of interference into your day.

Our drone pilots are fully qualified and experienced and ensure that your drone flight is conducted safely, legally and efficiently. Taking the worry out of the process for both you and the people living or working in the building you are mapping. 

Our entensive experience in the housing industry, energy assessment industry and asset management industry combines to ensure you receive – not just a stunning and visually exciting rendition of your building, but an understanding of how best to use this pictoral data for your day to day survey and property management schedules and deadlines.

What will happen during the flight?

What we do is known as ‘photogrammetry’ – the science of making measurements from photographs. On the day, our drones will take two sets of images in order to ensure our maps are thorough and complete. The first set is taken from above, looking down on the property. The second from the side as our drone circles the property.


What will I be presented with at the end? 

This is very much a bespoke process. Our 3D mapping software plots and constructs your model from all of the images taken on the day. Combining them into a stunning interactive model of your building or location. It is our belief that we discuss with you ahead of any 3D mapping process, exactly how, where and for whom your 3D map will be used. This will be used to fully inform the end goal and the presentation of your image.

What can I use a 3D map for?

What you’re really asking, is how can it make my life easier to invest in a 3D map of my location, building or property. Here are some of the ways in which a 3D map can help:

Housing Associations

  • Upgrades and improvements 
  • Informing decision making 
  • Plot boundaries and ownership details


  • Marketing your property for sale 
  • Land management applications  
  • Upkeep and maintenance surveys 
  • Aid planning applications


  • Measure a specific area regardless of size 
  • Gather accurate data coordinates
  • Produce highly accurate measurements to inform decision making for regeneration or development 
  • Perform volume calculations of a building or landmass
  • Determine the amount of materials needed


  • Identify the best locations for CCTV cameras 
  • Map areas of local historical interest 
  • Showcase tourism rich areas

But 3D maps are for more than just surveying:

Advertise your venue from above:

Do you own a hotel, wedding venue or events space? What could be better for showing potential customers round than a 3D map? Questions like ‘where’s the best place to have our photographs taken’ are answered instantly. They can see for themselves the ideal location for their ceremony, the perfect place for outside drinks and how much outdoor space is on offer. A sure-fire way to get more enquiries about hire, and more people visiting you in person to look around.

Marvel at your own home 

Aerial photography gives a stunning, never-normally-seen image of your home. And we can easily provide this for you. But how about going one step further and getting an entire 3D map of your house. Showcase your home to friends and family in a never-before-seen way. And in turn, it will become an incredible selling tool if you ever come to put your house on the market.

Show off your business headquarters 

A 3D map of your business headquarters offers a fascinating ‘wow-factor’ element on your website for clients and potential visitors. But it’s also incredibly practical – giving you a unique and state-of-the-art way of detailing parking locations, entrances, emergency exits and routes into your office. 


Virtual tourism 

Want to show off a town, village, building or other tourism hot spot online, attracting more visitors? 3D mapping can capture the fine detailing of historical buildings and architecture that’s often missed from the ground. It can show off the history, terrain, landscape or services which your area offers and even highlight walking and cycling routes. Holidaymakers can see how much of your geography is forested areas, lakes, rivers, streams, hills and footpaths. Ensuring they are packed and prepared for what’s ahead.

We’d love to talk to you and offer a free pre-site survey and quotation!