Who are Integrator Drone Services?

Paul Harrison –  Paul is the Managing Director of IDS and our principal Drone Pilot and Thermographer. He is fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and has been awarded their ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ (PfCO) certification. He knows the rules and regulations of when and where we can fly a drone for you like the back of his hand and is here to ensure your drone surveying, photography or filming is undertaken safely, legally and efficiently.

Paul comes with an extensive background in the housing industry. He is the Managing Director of EPC Limited. A leading provider of energy assessments for homes and businesses. He qualified as a Domestic Energy Assessor in 2007 and also worked for the Government-accredited scheme, ECMK, as its Head Auditor for domestic and commercial assessments; overseeing the work of hundreds of UK energy assessors.

But his experience extends beyond – having first worked in the building industry in the nineties as a qualified carpenter and joiner. And there’s more. He has also been strongly involved with the Government’s Green Deal initiative, providing support and conducting witness assessments under the UKAS accreditation scheme.

You are definitely in safe, experienced hands with Paul. 

Vic Harrison –  Vic is our Founder and has several hundred hours under his belt as a fixed wing pilot and R44 helicopter pilot. But is now leaving most of the flying to his son Paul. Vic’s interest comes from a 20-year background as a manager, building large housing estates; eventually founding his own company in Milton Keynes. In the nineties, Vic set up ECMK, contracted to the National Energy Foundation, who developed the National Home Energy Rating system – the early energy efficiency software used by builders and local authorities throughout the UK. As part of this work, he assisted in the collection of empirical data required to prove Standard Assessment Procedures, which eventually developed into Energy Performance Certificates. EPCs are still used as the industry standard today for all new and existing buildings. 

In 2000, Vic left the NEF and continued with ECMK Limited; gaining one of the very few licences granted by Government to train energy assessors. With all this experience Vic and his colleague, Alan Horton went on to develop Integrator Asset Management. A software solution for private and social housing associations and organisations. IHS is currently being redeveloped into Integrator+ which is to be launched soon. Vic wanted to use all this experience to, literally, launch Integrator Drone Services to new and existing clients. Combining his and Paul’s drone qualifications with their wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide an incredibly effective drone survey service provision.   


Our Drones

Integrator Drone Services has invested in three state of the art drones. Our DJI M210 is a world-leading quadcopter for aerial filming, capable of carrying two cameras at once. This means we can capture both normal and thermal imaging at the same time in incredibly hard to reach areas; saving you time and money. Its rugged, water resistant closed shell body gives a reliably long and very stable flight time; providing efficient, smooth images and recordings.

Our Yuneec H520 is so well trusted, it’s used by the Police and Search and Rescue teams. Built for inspection, surveying and mapping applications; it can also carry two cameras giving you thermal imagery at the same time. And our DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is our videography and survey drone. Capable of shooting 4K footage at up to 60 frames per second with its 20 megapixel camera. Producing stunning, smooth videography to enhance any filming project.

Where have we come from?

Integrator Housing Solutions is a comprehensive asset management software package for Social and Private Housing Associations. It is used by 30 major housing associations across the UK, who together trust it to manage half a million housing units. Launching later this year, it is currently being redeveloped into Integrator Plus. A cloud-based system allowing anytime, anywhere access to data. 

EPC Limited performs and generates energy performance certificates for domestic and commercial properties whether for sale, rental or new build sign off. We have years of experience working with building companies to ensure property complies with current Government rules and regulations concerning energy assessment.

Why Choose Integrator Drone Solutions?

Peace of Mind

IDS puts safety first. Flying a drone is a serious business. That’s why any commercial drone pilot must be qualified and know what they’re doing. We go above and beyond this; ensuring the safety of you, the public and our airspace.


Not only are we experienced drone pilots but we have decades of experience working in the housing industry. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to property – both residential and commercial.

Complete Service

We don’t just hand over a bunch of photographs. From pre-flight checks to the final edit, we can provide bespoke packages based on your requirements. Giving you a much more efficient and effective drone service.

Safety, Licensing and Accreditations

We’d love to talk to you and offer a free site survey!

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